About Dwight Polen Fine Chinese Antiques

Since 2000, the best destination for quality Chinese antique furnishings in the desert has been Dwight Polen Fine Chinese Antiques. Owned by Dwight Polen and Tony Larcombe, the store has a reputation in the Coachella Valley and far beyond as the source for authentic, decades old pieces.

With a broad selection of furnishings, lighting, accessories, and decorative pieces, the store offers interesting alternatives for your home and garden.

Located at 73375 El Paseo, Gallery R, the 3,200 square-foot store is exclusively stocked with beautiful items that co-owner Tony Larcombe finds on his frequent trips to China. Many of the offerings are from the 19th or 20th century or earlier, including a variety of antique furniture, lamps, wall art, sculptures and more.

Tips For Buying Fine Chinese Antiques

Buying Chinese antiques can be a challenge for an inexperienced buyer. While the prices at Dwight Polen are reasonable, a novice might not know what to expect for the money. The value of the piece is based on several factors that the sales staff at Dwight Polen Fine Chinese Antiques will be glad to explain to buyers.

  • Age. Older antiques are more valuable. Some pieces have historical value, but may not have the best appearance, while others are in good condition or have a beautiful patina developed over years. Furniture historians, who have examined ancient paintings from different dynasties, can place specific styles of furniture to specific time frames.

    Plain furnishings distinguish the Ming Dynasty, while more elaborate furniture crowded into rooms was popular in until the Qing Dynasty. Lacquering styles and workmanship also characterizes different periods in history

  • Materials. Fine Chinese antiques are usually timber and other material such as goldleaf, bone, shell, coral, marble, and various metals used as decorative trim or hardware. The harder the timber, the more valuable the furniture.

  • Overall condition. The most highly prized Chinese antiques are in the best original condition so that they need little restoration. Ideally, the original finish has a desirable patina that needs no restoration. A piece that is considered intact only needs a bit of work on the joints, aprons, and area near the bottom of the piece.

  • Craftsmanship. Craftsmanship of particularly high quality increases the value of a piece, even if the timber that comprises it is not as hard as other pieces. Craftsmanship is assessed in the details, the fluidity of the piece, and the accuracy of the joints.

  • Rarity. Particular pieces that are in demand are more valuable, as are those with special design features or functions. The most collectible furnishings are often hard to find and so understandably more expensive.

What You Will Find At Dwight Polen Fine Chinese Antiques

The unique furniture pieces you will find include chests, cabinets, folding screens, altar and scroll tables, chairs and stools, buffet-style cabinets, in addition, the store offers many other beautiful Chinese pieces to complement the core of your home and garden, such as

  • Carved stone figures and architectural elements, such as statuary, temple monks, shrine markers, Foo dogs, and planter pots
  • Custom lamps, including old and contemporary pieces
  • One-of-a-kind decorative accessories, including carved wood statues, porcelain jars and bowls, and faux botanicals
  • Wall art in custom framing

Design Services are available upon request.

What To Expect At Dwight Polen Fine Chinese Antiques

When you find a piece at Dwight Polen, you can expect that our friendly, experienced sales personnel will provide you with the history of the piece you are viewing and answer any questions you may have. If you are looking for something specific to add to your home or garden, you can talk to Tony who will be on the lookout for your piece during one of his frequent trips abroad.

Stop into our store in Palm Desert today, or give us a call at (760) 568-0888.

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